Sunday, May 10, 2009

RAW LEVI 501 DENIM Shrink to fit, How to Break them in.

I just went to Macy's and got a pair of Levi 501 Raw Denim Jeans. They were on sale for about 35 bucks so I had to get a pair. This is my first try at raw denim so its been a bit of a learning curve. Sorry for the IPhone Pics but my DSLR is in the car and the car is about 5min from the door so IPhone pics will have to do.............

Things I've heard......

Some folks say that I should sit in a tub of hot water for 30min and then dry them on myself. Other folks say to just let em soak by themselves for about 30min in the hot water and hang dry. Some say use cold water, warm water, sea water, dry in the dryer..... blah, blah, blah. So I decided to switch it up a little.

First Im gonna sit in the dumbass hot tube for 30min then let it dry on myself till I can stand. So probably about 30min. Then Im gonna hang dry it till it's dry. I dont wanna have my jeans on for 5-6hours wet and soggy. I dont have that kind of patience. And its about 2:35am and Im alittle tired from playing ball. So this will have to do.......... Plus I want alittle slimmer fit so If i let it hang dry then it should dry up alittle tighter right??? My big ass wont stretch it out so much.

And size, I went with my original waist size and about 2inches longer than my normal length. I wear a 34 in waist and 30 in inseam so I got the levi's in 34x32.

The Tub

The Jeans!!!! Raw Denim Levi 501

Me + Hot ass Tube, and a little side note it gets hot
really quickly. Make sure you got some water and something to do
for the next 30min.... Its boring.

More Tomorrow when I get done!!!

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