Monday, May 18, 2009

Emerica Hsu Skate Shoe sneaker

Emerica Hsu Skate Sneaker has a vulcanized rubber sole to give maximum grip to skate heads when they porn grind or kick flip to there hearts content. The suede paneling gives great comfort and strength to the shoe with reinforced ankle support. Check em out here for 60BUCKS SHIPPED!!!

Supra Cuban Shoe sneakers

Supra footwear is nuts, they have been coming out with crazy design and concept shoes for the last 4-5years. The Cuban sneakers are no different. The perforated leather paneling with the sick chain running over the tongue it looks great. Check em out here for about 65SHIPPED!!!

Reebok Reverse Jams Monopoly Chance Sneakers

Damn Reebok Sneakers Reverse Jams and Monopoly, who the hell could ask for more? These thing are going to collectors for 200 bucks plus but you can find em here for 50 BUCKS!!!!!!!

Puma First Round Mid Overspray Orange Suede Sneaker

Puma first round mid overspray are sneakers that give a new school twist to the an old school flavor. The suede paneling give a great finish to the kicks and make em look very up to date.
Checkem out here for 48 BUCKS!!!

Puma 917 Low Top White Sneaker

Puma 917 come in a low, mid and a high top sneaker and all are a great baragin. The puma 917 shoe look to be converse allstar inspired but they have a European / runwayesque look. Personally they would look great with a pair of slim denim jeans, but thats just me. Check em out here for 40 Bucks!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Air Jordan I (1) Retro Low Phat Utah Jazz Away Sneaker

Damn another pair of sick jordan retro 1 low tops, a classic who can resist. These were at the nike store, pretty damn fresh. The suede paneling with the purple sole set off the shoe quite nicely. They were 100 bucks but Get em here for 70 bucks!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Vans Authentic Fixed Gear Sneakers

Vans released the fixed gear sneaker series to accommodate fixed gear Bmx riders with a tougher stronger shoe. All the fixed gear van shoes are reinforced with rip stop canvas material to help protect against tearing and each shoe has improved padding on the ankles to give better support. I saw these go for about 60Bucks but I found em here for 32bucks plus shipping. Check em out.